Interview training

Interview is a key part of the process of applying for an elite high school in Australia. The interview process and results will directly affect the decision of the admissions officer to accept the final admission.
Interview is a comprehensive assessment process that examines students' oral English, logical thinking, and individual abilities.

- On-site interview
- Video interview
- Phone interview

1. Personal background
2. Family situation
3. Academic situation
4. School choice
5. Extracurricular activities and community services

1. Course arrangement:
A. Interview material preparation and analysis
B. Preparation and explanation of interview questions
C. Etiquette and skills of the interview
D. Interview actual combat simulation

2. Class schedule:
- Basic speaking ability -- 30-40 hours
- Primary speaking ability -- 25-30 hours
- Intermediate speaking ability -- 15-20 hours
- Advanced speaking ability -- 10-15 hours



City Branch (Headquarters): Unit 901, 470 Collins street, Melbourne, VIC 3000
Boxhill Branch: Level 1, 5 Court street, Boxhill, VIC 3128