High school preparation (HSP) course

The HSP course is a bridge-based course designed specifically for students who wants to study in secondary schools in Australia but was studying in Chinese schools before. It cultivated students’ ability of demonstrating their strengths on the first day of secondary school life in Australia, improve their competitiveness and increase their chances of entering an elite university.

The HSP course focuses on improving students' ability and cultivating their learning habit through heuristic teaching guidance, changing students' passive learning habits, and developing independent thinking skills; help students to actively communicate with others, and quickly integrate into classmates and local life. It guides students to have their own world view, life view and values, and cultivate the ability of identifying what is right and what is wrong.

1. Help Chinese students to quickly engage in the Australian environment
2. Master the knowledge and skills necessary to enter the Australian school
3. Successfully passed language school test and enter in secondary/high school

1. Students who plan to study in secondary schools in Australia
2. Students who have received an offer from an Australian secondary school
3. Students already enrolled in an Australian language school
4. Students who have successfully entered the secondary school in Australia

Course name Purpose
Language school course Help students adapt to the future courses at language schools
Secondary school course Help students adapt to the compulsory course study in secondary school in the future
Native English course Help students improve their English ability to study, live and communicate in Australia
Elementary English course Help students whose English cannot fit local school, increase their vocabulary, grammar, and ability to speak, read, and write.

All the textbooks used in the HSP course are synchronized textbooks of Australian language schools, synchronized textbooks from Australian secondary schools and English textbooks in Australia, as well as basic English courses developed by SEDI based on years of teaching experience.
The standard course is 4 weeks for each period, and 5 days per week. Each course has 60 class hours (130 hours). The standard course is delivered by one-on-one or small class. The course is delivered by professional Chinese and foreign teachers.



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