I-Start Online Exam& Training Course

The I-start Online online education assessment test is part of Edutest and is a language test approved by Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom. At present, most junior high schools in Australia recognize and accept I-start online test scores as a measure of student acceptance and the number of weeks of language school attendance; some schools are the only language basis for admission; The school applies for a scholarship examination as a student, and judges whether or not to grant scholarships based on the results of the examination.

1. I-start online is an online test, which is quick and convenient. All exams except writing are answered on computer.
2. The test time is flexible and can be arranged according to the student's designated time.
3. The review period is short, and the test report will be received within 3 working days.

5 levels:
Grade 1-6;
Grade 7-8;
Grade 9;
Grade 10;
Grade 11-12

1. Reading and grammar -- 30 minutes
2. Writing -- 15 minutes
3. Speaking and listening -- 10 minutes
4. Mathematics - 30 minutes
5. Abstract Reasoning - 30 minutes

1. Click www.istartonline.com to register for the exam (only agencies and institutions can register students on the I-start online test site)
2. Our school can provide registration services for students and can arrange for examinations at our school.
3. Students who have taken one test will be required to retake the exam after 3 months.

1. There will be two reports after 3 working days of the completion of the exam, one for the institution and another one for the candidate.
2. The test score report is sent by email to the idea school, agent, and the candidate.
3. The school makes decision according to student’s test result
- a. Whether to enrol the student
- b. Identify how many weeks that the student has to learn language in a language centre

1. Course pattern:one to one or one to two
2. Time:9:00 -16:45 (Mon. - Sun.)
3. Periods:
-- Under 10 182 hours/28 days
-- 11-20 156 hours/24 days
-- 21-30 130 hours/20 days
-- 31-40 104 hours/16 days
-- 41-50 91 hours/14 days



City Branch (Headquarters): Unit 901, 470 Collins street, Melbourne, VIC 3000
Boxhill Branch: Level 1, 5 Court street, Boxhill, VIC 3128

Website: http://www.sedigroup.com.au